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Meeting Achievement Stickers

Look smart in meetings: 10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings 9 Tricks to Appear Smart in Brainstorming Meetings 10 More Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY The post Meeting Achievement Stickers appeared first on The Cooper Review.

Men vs. Women Feedback Cheat Sheet

Use this handy Men vs. Women Feedback Cheat Sheet to translate feedback for men into feedback for women.

The Five Stages of Grief When a Coworker Calls You Mom

It happens to the best of us. It happens to those of us who’re youthful, to those of us who dye our hair, to those of us who have kids and even those who don’t.

How to Say No at Work If You’re a People Pleaser

Saying no is especially hard for people-pleasers. That’s why it’s good to have a game plan with many options of how you can say no by avoiding saying yes.

Randomly Generated OKRs Lead to $122M Series B Round

ATLANTA, GA — When executive assistant intern, James Kilpatrick, began populating his CEO’s quarterly slide presentations with randomly-generated objectives and key results (OKRs), he had no idea it would lead to a $122M valuation for their small company.

Advice for Men: Is It a Business Meeting Or a Date?

For some men, it can be tough to tell if a female colleague wants to talk business with you or wants to sleep with you.

Study: Toyota Prius Ownership Linked to Al Gore Fetish

STANFORD, CA—Boasting that this was the fastest experiment they’ve ever conducted, a study published by Stanford University in The American Journal of Psychology revealed that there is a strong link between people who own a Toyota Prius and a fetish for Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States.

The Most Passive Aggressive Moves When Collaborating in Google Docs

Recently I’ve been wondering about how to be more passive aggressive when collaborating in Google Docs.

What Your Underwear Says About Your Career

The type of underwear you wear can have a profound affect on your career. But probably not. Anyway here’s what your underwear says about your career.

Proper Elevator Etiquette When You Hate Everyone

For those of us who hate everyone, elevators are a nightmare. They’re the public transit of office buildings.

Before You Choose a Work Spouse, Read This

Everyone knows that choosing a work spouse is the most important, if not only, thing you’ll ever accomplish at work.

9 Cartoons That Perfectly Illustrate What You Learn at Work

Did you know that sometimes what you learn at work isn’t all utterly meaningless? Here are 9 cartoons that illustrate how the lessons you’re taught at work are sometimes hidden but deeply consequential.

Business Jargon to Mumble When Your Boss Makes a Sexist Comment

When your boss makes a sexist comment, it can put you in an uncomfortable position. By displaying your revulsion there is always a risk that he will realize you are a woman with opinions, potentially leading to awkward conversations and/or unemployment.

How Well Do You Know Meetings? Take the Quiz

The post How Well Do You Know Meetings? Take the Quiz appeared first on The Cooper Review.

How to Avoid Being Invited to Meetings

The easiest way to avoid meetings is to never be invited in the first place. It may take time to stop being invited to meetings, but if you try out a few of these tricks, you might see those meeting invites dry right up.

Eight Très Importante Tips for Doing Business in France

If you ever have the pleasure of doing business in France here are 8 tips to keep in mind. 1. Speak only the French you know It’s commonly said that the French appreciate any effort to speak their language, even if she is not so very goodly spoken.

9 Steps to Escape Awkward Conversations at the Airport Bar

It happens to all of us.  You’re traveling through an airport, have some time to kill or need a few cocktails to ease those flying jitters.

An Honest Cover Letter

Hello Company Whose Name I’ve Copy-Pasted into This Cover Letter, I’m Molly, and I want to work at Your Company.

Thought Leader Convinced World Is Trending Toward His Own Patriarchal Biases

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Still embracing outdated views that are no longer true nor ethical, local resident and Internet thought leader Ken Blake is convinced the world is trending in the direction of his patriarchal biases, sources confirmed Friday.

Preferred Forms of Workplace Communication

The post Preferred Forms of Workplace Communication appeared first on The Cooper Review.