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How to Create Professional Reports and Documents in Microsoft Word

If Microsoft Office had been a country, it would have been the third most populous country in the world. 1.2 billion people using a single suite of apps is mind-boggling.

Learn About Locations With Google Maps Q&As

Google has added a Questions and Answers feature to Google Maps. This means you can ask businesses questions (and hopefully receive answers) before you visit them.

6 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Favorite Streaming Service

There seems to be no end to the human hunger for media. It’s how we keep tabs on current events and entertain ourselves.

How to Change Your Android Keyboard

The keyboard app on your phone might be outdated, featureless, or worse, insecure. You might be using the same basic stock keyboard that came with your Android phone — something that hasn’t been updated in two years.

How to Add and Remove Email Accounts on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Having multiple email accounts is common nowadays, and being able to check all your email accounts on your computer and mobile devices is a must with today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

What Can You Watch Using a TV Antenna?

Today, the average American home pays $103 per month for cable TV. Add on a Netflix subscription ($8), a Sling subscription ($20), and one or two other bespoke services, and you’re looking at a serious amount of cash.

You Can Now Make Voice Calls Using Google Home

Google Home users in the U.S. and Canada can now make free voice calls using Google’s brilliant little smart speaker.

VirtualBox vs. VMware Player: The Best Virtual Machine for Windows

If you’ve never used one before, virtual machines can be overwhelming. Not that they’re difficult to use, but they’re unlike any other kind of app and that unfamiliarity is what scares most off.

Windows 10 Is No Longer Supported on Your PC? Here’s What You Can Do!

Does your PC have the Windows 10 Creators Update yet? The latest free update to Microsoft’s continually evolving operating system (OS) packs plenty of new features.

Enjoy the Best of YouTube With These 8 Amazing IFTTT Applets

Try a few neat YouTube tricks and you can get the best from the world’s most popular video website. Add the power of IFTTT to the mix and you have a recipe for never-ending entertainment or education.

Are You Ghosting Your Online Friends? Do This Instead!

Snapchat is turning its gaze to a social phenomenon called “ghosting.” The app used to be solely about sending photos to friends and family — images that would only last a few seconds but which effectively got a message across.

5 Reasons Linux Is Now a Great Option for Anyone

With the rise of cloud services, more of us are now encountering Linux at work. People know it’s great for developers and does a good job of keeping the internet up and running — but why would anyone want to use Linux at home?

New Nintendo 2DS XL is a Great Console With a Stupid Name

Our verdict of the New Nintendo 2DS XL:Of all the devices in the DS line (and there's an excessive amount), this is one Nintendo's best models yet, trailing only slightly behind the more expensive New 3DS XL.

Don’t Call Yourself a PC Gamer If You Don’t Own These Accessories

PC gaming is a different breed than console gaming. While console gamers typically spend money on specific gaming peripherals compatible with their console, PC gamers are given a larger range of freedom.

Windows SMB Users at Risk: Block These Ports to Protect Yourself

Cast your mind back to May 2017. FBI Director James Comey was fired, terrorists struck an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester, and the world fell victim to the WannaCry ransomware attack.

It’s Not Wolfram Alpha: Solve Any Math Equation With Symbolab

If you haven’t heard about Wolfram Alpha, then you probably aren’t interested enough in facts, data, or the Star Trek computer.

How to Play Music That Fits Any Mood or Situation With Amazon Echo

Alexa recently got a huge update that might have you playing a lot more music on your Amazon Echo. The latest native feature gives Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited users access to certain playlists using over 500 specific phrases.

Instagram Is Finally Adding Threaded Comments

Instagram is finally adding comment threads. This should put an end to those disorganized threads where everyone is talking to everyone and no one at the same time.

New macOS, New Filesystem: What Is APFS and How Does It Work?

When High Sierra releases this fall, Mac users will get the option to convert their drives to the new Apple File System (or APFS).

MoviePass Now Offers Unlimited Movies for $10

MoviePass has gone insane. That’s the only conclusion to draw from the company lowering its prices to just $9.95-per-month.