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5 Things You Should Know When Switching to Linux

Have you decided that you want to use Linux? Great! You’re joining a community of people who value sharing software and empowering others to get the most out of their computers.

5 Musical Instruments You Can Build With a Raspberry Pi

Your Raspberry Pi makes a superb media center. It can go to into orbit. You might even have used it to develop some music based projects in the past.

This Is Why iOS Devices Use Less RAM Than Android Devices

The war between iOS and Android holds strong even to today. Obviously there are valid reasons to fall on either side of the fence, but that doesn’t stop people (including us) from endlessly comparing the two to see which one is better for our needs.

Secure Your Home With Hidden Cameras, It’s Easier Than You Think!

Whether you’re looking to secure your home, or want to catch your cleaner stealing, hidden cameras are a novel way to boost your home security.

Disk Partition vs. Clone vs. Backup: What Should You Use?

When you need to do some work on the hard drive in your PC, or want to protect your files, you’ll probably see a few terms flying around.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review: Solid Smartwatch at a Budget Price

Our verdict of the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace:For the price, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Amazfit. It's certainly not without flaws, but it delivers on most of its features while looking great.810If there’s one thing there isn’t a shortage of, it’s smartwatches and fitness trackers.

How to Smooth Edges in Photoshop

One of the first image editing feats you’ll want to master is putting two images together and creating a composite image.

How to Post GIFs and Videos on Instagram

Posting GIFs to Instagram is the same process as posting videos, because posting a GIF to Instagram actually involves converting to a video file first.

How to Resize the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

Though you’re probably used to typing on a physical keyboard, Windows offers a few software keyboards too.

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps Mobile

There is so much more to Google Maps than merely getting from A to B. It can provide you with public transport routes and times, and customizes your route depending on your method of travel.

Microsoft Unveils New Low-Cost Chromebook Killers

Microsoft has unveiled a new range of laptops aimed at schools and students. With prices starting at just $189, these new Windows 10 devices are designed to crush the Chromebook rebellion currently threatening to topple the Microsoft empire.

An Introduction to GIMP Photo Editing

GIMP’s photo editing capabilities make it the best free alternative to Photoshop. If you’re new to the app, it’s easy and intuitive to pick up; you can get excellent results in no time at all.

7 Reasons to Subscribe to Netflix This Year

We have written before about valid reasons to avoid Netflix, and many of them still hold true today — Netflix isn’t for everybody.

Do Not Install These Windows 10 Apps and Programs

How often do you stop and think about the apps you’re installing on your computer? We’re not talking about apps like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, which have millions of users and are perfectly safe to use.

The First Amazon Go Store Opens for Business

Amazon has opened its first Amazon Go store in Seattle. Amazon Go is an attempt to take the friction out of shopping, making lines and checkouts a thing of the past.

5 Useful VB Windows Scripts to Automate Your Computer Use

Whether you’re an IT analyst or a regular computer user, there are a lot of tasks you may need to do frequently on your PC.

Here Are The Best Deals Available On Amazon Today

There are some great deals available on Amazon, included the Fire HD 8 for the same price as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

5 Action-Packed Superhero Games You’ve Never Played

Pow! Crash! Destructive environments! Obligatory time travel! Yes, superhero games are awesome, bringing the worlds of super power-bearing heroes and villains from the pages of a comic book to your favorite gaming device.

What Is a Botnet and Is Your Computer Part of One?

One of my favorite cybersecurity terms is “botnet.” It conjures all sorts of imagery: interconnected robots, legions of networked workers simultaneously powering toward a single goal.

Here’s Why You Won’t Get FaceTime for Android

Jealous of your iPhone-owning friends being able to FaceTime with each other? Wondering how you can put FaceTime on your Android phone?