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5 Ways to Deal With Migraines and Chronic Headaches

A migraine is far worse than just a headache. It is intensely painful, makes you highly sensitive to light and sound, and often induces nausea.

Create a Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Hard Drive

Virtualization allows one operating system (OS) to run on another OS. But did you know that a Virtual Machine (VM) clone of your hard drive can put your entire computer inside of another computer?

6 Best Free Mac Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

You don’t need a Mac to make music, but it helps. Apple’s desktop platform is home to a vast library of creative software, like image editors, vector graphics suites, RAW photo processors, audio manipulation software, video editors.

How to Introduce Yourself in Any Situation (And Stop Being Afraid)

Introductions are hard. You’ve probably been asked to introduce yourself at a meeting before — and been struck with a total lack of anything to say.

4 Discounted Mac Apps You Can’t Miss

Do you use a Mac? Well, today is your lucky day, because we are going to look at four apps that are on sale for for a limited time.

Love The X-Files? 10 More Shows to Watch on Netflix

The X-Files has been a hit TV show from the time it first aired in the 1990s right up to today. Unfortunately, for Mulder and Scully fans, The X-Files, isn’t always available to watch, even on Netflix.

You Should Be Using the Google Home App and Here’s Why

It can be a challenge to stay on top of all your smart home devices. With hundreds of competing brands, industry standards, and manufacturer apps, managing everything is akin to a full-time job.

17 Brain Boosting Podcasts That Will Delight Your Kids (And You Too)

The secret to turn off the television and still keep your children entertained? Try podcasts! But it’s surprisingly hard to find podcasts created with children in mind.

Niantic Hits Pokemon GO Cheats Where It Hurts

Pokemon GO is meant to be a nice, good-natured little game for adults and children alike. It’s designed to offer a fun diversion from the travails of real life.

Should You Be Using Google Photos on Your iPhone?

Google just announced that their Photos app that comes preinstalled on a variety of Android devices now has more than 500 million users.

Automate Tedious Tasks on Trello With This Amazing Bot

Trello is an uncomplicated and intuitive tool for managing projects and tasks. But what if it could get even easier?

10 Old Viral Videos That You Absolutely Need in Your Life

YouTube is an absolute abyss of weirdness. When you’re looking for something funny, slightly disturbing (in an entertaining way), or just plain strange, you know exactly where to go.

The 5 Best Productivity Features in the Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update comes packed with new features and apps. Some improve the user experience, some expand the operating system’s functionality, and some help you become more productive.

How to Migrate Your Browser Data to Edge in Just One Click

Microsoft Edge has struggled with popularity since its debut. While it’s worlds better than Internet Explorer, years of putting up with IE have made people wary of any browser that comes from Microsoft.

How to Get Incoming Call Alerts on Windows 10 With Android

If you use an Android phone and a Windows 10 computer, you can get phone alerts on your computer whenever you receive or miss calls.

Magikarp Jump Is a New Mobile Pokemon Game

Another day, another Pokemon game on mobile. If Pokemon GO and Pokemon Duel haven’t given you your fill of mobile Pokemon games, perhaps Magikarp Jump will succeed where they failed.

Microsoft Launches Mixer as a Twitch Alternative

Did you know Microsoft owned a live-streaming service called Beam? No, neither did we. But just as we’re finding out it exists, Microsoft is rebranding it to Mixer.

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About WWDC

From June 5 through June 9, Apple will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The five-day event, which is being held in San Jose, California, isn’t just an opportunity for macOS and iOS developers to get together and have a good time.

Ultimate Guide to Connecting LED Light Strips to Arduino

The rise of LED lighting has been stratospheric, and it’s easy to see why. They are cheap to produce, consume significantly less power than other lighting options, and in most cases don’t get hot, making them safe for a variety of uses.

What You Need to Know About Apple Watch Security

Even though the Apple Watch needs an iPhone to complete most tasks, the wearable still stores some of your personal data. With only your wrist and a passcode protecting it, how secure is your Apple Watch really?