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The U.S. could have avoided Puerto Rico’s water crisis

The numbers associated with the current situation in Puerto Rico, one month after Hurricane Maria struck the U.S.

After decades of trying, petro-companies are one step closer to drilling in the Arctic Refuge.

This week, Senate Democrats failed to strip a line from the Republican’s budget that would encourage people to pump up and burn of all the hydrocarbon beneath the refuge.

California wildfires torch the legalization hopes of pot growers

The wildfires that swept across Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa counties in Northern California last week devastated many of the region’s legal cannabis growers, torching their crops and facilities at peak harvest time and leaving smaller farmers at risk of collapse.

One month later, most of Puerto Rico is still utterly destroyed.

Since Hurricane Maria made landfall, the humanitarian crisis has devolved into one of the worst in modern American history.

Europe’s hurricane-fueled wildfires might become a recurring nightmare

This week, a hurricane broadsided Europe – a rare event considering most of the continent is closer to the North Pole than it is to the tropics.

Old reefs hold the tale of past sea level rise, and … it’s dramatic.

Toward the end of the last ice age, about 19,000 years ago, the sea rose in several large spurts, according to a new study of coral reefs that grew during this period.

The first floating wind turbines just came online, which is very good news indeed.

Five giant turbines bobbing in the North Sea, 15 miles off the Scottish coast, are now producing electricity — at peak, enough power for 20,000 homes.

New Mexico: OK, fine, we’ll put science back in science standards.

Last month, the state’s public education agency proposed science standards with a few substantial omissions: human-caused climate change, evolution, and the age of the Earth.

How to stamp out sexual harassment when it’s reached the ends of the Earth

On Oct. 6, the day after The New York Times broke the story that Harvey Weinstein had serially sexually assaulted and harassed women across Hollywood, Science Magazine published a quieter exposé of abuse.

A town hit hard by Hurricane Harvey may never fully recover.

The mayor of the coastal town of Rockport, Texas said on Tuesday that the community will likely suffer permanent damage from the category four storm.

Half of all rides on Uber and Lyft didn’t have to happen.

Those trips — 49 to 61 percent of all rides in metro areas — would otherwise have been made on foot, bike, or public transit, according to new analysis from UC Davis.

Nearly half of the country thinks Donald Trump is handling hurricane season well.

A new poll from CNN shows that public opinion of President Donald Trump’s approach to hurricane recovery has drastically fallen — but still remains pretty high!

California wildfires could cost ‘wine country’ its immigrant population.

While many homeowners in Sonoma and Napa Counties are returning to pick up the pieces after the deadliest blazes in state history, an estimated 32,000 undocumented immigrants — a majority of workers employed by the wine industry — might not come back.

Trump abandons Obama-era plan to help climate refugees

This story was originally published by Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Photos show Portugal and Spain in flames.

A series of fires in both countries this week killed more than 40 people and injured at least 63 more.

A judge lets pipeline protesters mount an unusual defense.

Last year, protesters were arrested and charged with felonies after turning off valves that control the flow of crude oil from Canada’s tar sands into the U.S.

The National Park Service has both a sexual harassment and a discrimination problem.

A recent internal study reveals that within the past year more than one in six female employees have experienced sexual harassment, and one in three women have experienced some form of gender-based harassment.

6 threats to the Arctic Refuge

This article is published in partnership with: You already know that a changing climate is bad news for polar bears.

The environmental injustice of the Arctic refuge

This article is published in partnership with: Spend enough time in climate circles and you’re bound to see a lot of polar bears.

Ophelia is the strongest storm to hit Ireland in at least 50 years.

With winds approaching 100 mph, storm surge has breached coastal defenses, pushing the Atlantic Ocean inland. The Irish Defense Force is on standby to assist with rescue and recovery.