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Fight for school meals that make our kids and the planet healthier

You probably haven’t thought about school food since you had to ask yourself if pizza is really a vegetable, and you likely put it out of your head for that very reason.

There’s a blood feud between a vegan strip club and a steak house. Guess where?

You got it — Portland, Oregon. Casa Diablo, the world’s first vegan strip club, is embroiled in a turf war with The Acropolis, the steak house next door.

The Times hired a climate denier. Scientists are not having it.

Two weeks ago, the New York Times took on Bret Stephens — who once called climate change an “imaginary” problem — as an op-ed columnist in an effort to reflect more political perspectives.

Harvard is divesting from fossil fuels, sort of.

The richest university in the world announced it would “pause” investments in mineral and oil and gas interests in its $36 billion endowment, the Guardian reports.

In just 100 days, Trump has done long-term damage

This story was originally published by the New Republic and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Meet the fixer: This founder empowers people to choose renewables.

Usually when you flip a light switch, you have no way of knowing where the energy powering your bulb is coming from.

Bank your money on something other than dirty energy

There are sooo many reasons to pick a bank: No ATM charges! A branch EXACTLY halfway between your office and your favorite bar!

One multibillion-dollar company made a better ad for a carbonated beverage than another multibillion-dollar company.

Earlier this month, Pepsi released (and then almost immediately withdrew) an ad co-opting protest imagery with truly impressive tone-deafness.

Patagonia may sue Trump over national monument review

This story was originally published by the Huffington Post and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Way more kids than we thought have lead poisoning.

A new report finds that health officials may fail to detect a third of U.S. children with high levels of lead in their bloodstream.

Break your newsfeed addiction with better online habits

These days, a lot of folks are asking Umbra how to balance social media (and all the good it can do) with the need for release from a stress-inducing 24-7 stream of outrageous tweets.

Meet the fixer: This organizer fights for safer waste disposal.

Living in Detroit, Ahmina Maxey knew her city had a waste problem. At the time, Detroit was the only major city in the country without a curbside recycling program.

Trump’s newest funding cuts are a nightmare for national security and public health.

On that note: In the event of a flood, do you prefer your town with or without toilet water flowing down the streets?

This is embarrassing, but there might some climate denial in your school.

New legislative measures in six states seek to challenge science in the very place where it should be the most protected and least politicized: children’s classrooms.

Arctic sea ice could be a thing of the past by the 2030s

Evidence continues to mount that climate change has pushed the Arctic into a new state. Skyrocketing temperatures are altering the essence of the region, melting ice on land and sea, driving more intense wildfires, altering ocean circulation, and dissolving permafrost.

The best way to fight city hall: Make friends there

Does anything rev the proverbial engine more than local politics? The whisper of a transit budget proposal.

Meet the fixer: This teenager gives the youngest generation a voice.

Growing up in the era of smartphones and social media, today’s kids have the world on a handheld screen.

Why we can’t just leave environmental protection to the states

Cynthia Giles is the former head of the EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. The Trump budget proposal for the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t just slash funding for EPA.

Here’s what Trump’s latest executive order means for our national monuments.

The order, which Trump will sign Wednesday, directs the Interior Department to review all national monument designations over 100,000 acres made from 1996 onwards.

CNN had a climate denier on its Earth Day panel. Bill Nye was not having it.

original video: This story was originally published by the Huffington Post and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.