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13 expert packing tips for moving house

This is part of Journl Life Solutions, a collection of articles focused on helping you with life’s bigger tasks.

The stress of moving house – Infographic

Do you find moving house stressful? Our research shows that the majority of people do and we’ve rounded up a collection of facts to illustrate these stresses.

[Competition] What’s the biggest mistake you wish you’d have avoided when planning your wedding day?

Our wedding day is often one of the most memorable days of our lives. Unfortunately, we can remember the things that didn’t go according to plan as much as we remember the beauty of the day itself.

5 things you really need to know before planning a wedding

This is part of Journl Life Solutions, a collection of articles focused on helping you with life’s bigger tasks.

The top 10 most annoying habits (as chosen by you) – Infographic

The post The top 10 most annoying habits (as chosen by you) – Infographic appeared first on Journl.

Making the most of sharing

Sharing is finally here! It is now possible for you to share sections of your Journl with family and friends, whilst keeping a padlock on the rest.

Give your brain a workout: 7 ways to train your mind

The subject of brain training can be a controversial one. The problem is, a lot of pseudo-scientific claims get made about brain training games and exercises, which can often be little more than bogus yarns spun by marketing departments. So if the title of this post has immediately induced a protective barrier of pessimism: I understand.

Think yourself different: the surprising power of volitional personality change

Are there aspects of your personality you wish were different? Perhaps you don’t feel all that comfortable starting up conversations with strangers and wish you were more sociable.

How tolerant are you of people’s bad habits? [Quiz]

We all come up against other people’s bad habits everyday. Nose picking. Tea slurping. Bad manners. Do you explode with rage, or are you accepting ad infinitum?

8 self-help books that will change your mind about self-help books

Spend even a short amount of time in your local bookstore and you will be convinced of the idea that the self-help book market is a saturated one. You’d have thought that with all these books promising to change our lives, we’d all already be fixed of our shortcomings and well on our way to inner enlightenment.

How to create good habits: with Susanna Halonen

Here at Journl, we love learning about how people can get the most out of life and achieve peace of mind.

10 creative habits that will help you find inspiration

There’s nothing worse than desperately grasping for an idea and finding that there’s nothing for you to grab a hold of.

The life and habits of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo was a creative genius. He could lay claim to being the most famous living writer in the world in the mid-19th century and his works, such as Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, continue to be hugely popular to this day.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Neither: it’s both

Do you consider yourself to be more of an optimist or a pessimist? It can be difficult assessing our individual inclination towards seeing the glass half-full or half-empty – it takes an enormous amount of self-awareness to recognize these sorts of traits in ourselves.