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A Beginner’s Guide To Robert Anton Wilson Part 3: Quantum Psychology

Robert Anton Wilson was a strange, enigmatic man whose primary career goal was to convince you, the reader, that nothing you experience is actually real.

BladeRunner and the Synthetic Panopticon

From Modern Mythology: Part 1: This Is Only A Model Wehave a serious problem brewing. We are living in alternate realities.

Interview with the Magus: The Kite

The Kite is based in Wales and is an Adept of the Illuminates of Thanateros. He is also an Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid Order and a Bard of The Order Of...

Bonding With Ancient Daemons in Your Dreams: This Week on the Disinfocast

The other side communicates by means of telepathically projected subjective metaphor beamed directly into your dream states.

Chop Suey Was Invented in San Francisco

Or, maybe not. It sounds intriguing though. The story goes that it was a Gold Rush era thing. You see, Chinatown is proximate to The Bay downtown.

Interpreting the Mystical World of David Bowie’s Quicksand

The song Quicksand from David Bowie’s album Hunky Dory is loaded with occult references and metaphors that reveal the musicians own relationship to mysticism.

The Beef Between Grant Morrison and Alan Moore Explained

When Alan Moore was nearing his 40th birthday, he decided he wanted to start practicing magick and publicly declare himself a magickian.

The Mentofreeism Mystery Remains

A mysterious figure known as Vargus Pike created Mentofreeism. Pike comes across as a pugnacious, sanctimonious blow hard, who, with his eye patch and vibe of doom and gloom, looks like a...

The Cryptoscatology Top Ten: The Best Comic Books of 2017!

The Cryptoscatology Top Ten: The Best Comic Books of 2017! by Robert Guffey on December 3 via Cryptoscatology: 1.  MY FAVORITE THING IS MONSTERS VOL.

The State of Mental Health Needs a Coup d’Etat

  It has been said about our understanding of the brain generally and emotional disorders specifically that we in are in the dark; fumbling around as blindly as the geneticists were before...

The Monsters are not Due on Maple Street

Ever since the dawn of the flying saucer craze in the late 1940’s, we have been expecting trouble to zoom in from the skies in a multitude of nefarious ways.

Josh Stebbins’ Express Elevator To Hell

  Josh Stebbins was born in Enid Oklahoma, August 31st 1982, he creates drawings/illustrations (pencil & ink), as well as watercolor and mixed media artworks.

Sneak Peek: Tales From When I Had A Face

“A battle between the light of remembrance and dark of forgetting; the burden of tradition, and the cost of progress.

All of MTV’s Liquid Television, Now on the Internet for Free

If you tried to explain to someone under say 35 that MTV used to not only be culturally relevant but also at least 10% decent, it’s not that they wouldn’t believe you necessarily,...

What If Your Dreams Are Where You Go When You Die?

“Are our waking lives merely insectry, the march of ghouls collecting sensory data that our dreams convert into the product of our lives?

The Douchebro Who Thought He Was God

Ahhhh, cults. They’re never going to go away, it’s just that these days they involve shit like YouTube, alleged communication with aliens, and douchebros like Bentinho Massaro.

Meet the Hellbeast that Owns Your Future

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals) There we were, standing on the edge of everything.We were about a mile and a half from the asphalt of State Highway 192, a long and...

DISINFO COMICKS #12! – Free Vaccines!

Hey people of Disinfo. I haven’t posted in a while. But I haven’t forgotten about you, faithful true disbelievers!

Shelter From The Storm (Part II)

When we last checked in on our driver, Alex had just dropped off a recovering junkie tranny named Candy – and her androgynous Chihuahua, Pepper, at their homeless shelter out in the...

Why You Should Be Skeptical of the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness

The eight circuit model of consciousness proposed by Timothy Leary and championed by Robert Anton Wilson is fraught with issues, even as an analogy.