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The Trippiest Albums from the Raven Sings the Blues Half Year Round Up

It’s an odd predicament when there are more great albums being made than ever before by a long shot, but 90% of the stuff you hear on the radio or read about...

Bedtime Stories With The Antichrist

Babylon Burning: bonus material by Fallen Cycle A blast from the past, Mother Hive Brain agents from across the world reporting in to the Hive.

The Legend Jack Daniel

This week, a short excerpt from San Francisco TAXI: A 1st Week in the Zen Life… ______ It’s end of day at ‘ol Citizen’s Cab, and I’ve just checked out at the...

Astrophysicists Finally Wonder if the Universe is Alive — Only Trail Shamans By the Entirety of Human History on that Front

Another week, another news story from a major publication with a mainstream scientist talking like he was your high school weed dealer.

Interview with the Magus: Jason Miller

Originally posted on August 9, 2016 here. Jason Miller is a man who likely needs no introduction. Not only is he one of the more well known magicians today, he is one of...

Couple Wrongly Convicted Of Satanic Pedophilia Finally Cleared After 25 Years

Well, this breaking news is a tad pertinent to some of the things I’ve been posting on the site lately.

The Spirit of Place, Interview with Filmmaker Christopher Ian Smith

SULPHUR from CULT MODERN on Vimeo. James Curcio: The first thing that struck me about Sulphur was a sense of psychogeography, which I know is a topic with some history and precedent...

Medical Marijuana Continues To Work Miracles

Controversial for all the wrong reasons, marijuana is nonetheless continuing its slow progression towards full legalisation throughout the country.

The Grift of the Ark Encounter

I’m sure most Disinfonauts have heard of Ken Hamm’s much hyped Noah’s Ark museum at this point, but have you ever looked at the fine print to see how this monstrosity managed...

An Accidental Invocation Of Asmodeus

  This is a true story of which I have placed in the context of fiction in my upcoming fantasy novel “A Labyrinth Of Dreams” .

Capitalism: Worst Resource Management Game Ever.

When I was a kid, my parents and I liked to play Monopoly on the weekends. Usually my mother would win.

Dude from Nickelback Calls Stone Sour “Nickelback Lite” — Makes An Incredibly Valid Point

Hey, did you know Nickelback has a new album out? Yeah, neither did I until I just stumbled upon this fun story of millionaire-half-wit-rock-star-shit-talking.

History’s Greatest Sorcerers Ranked

Here’s a fun article I just stumbled on. The great thing about this list is that I have never heard of 9 out of the 10 mages included on it (but of course...


Greetings Disinfonauts! Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of.. no wait a minute.. I make comics and have no good taste at all.

There Is No Civilization, There is No Wild. There Is Only You and Me.

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals) Editor’s Note: As fans of Dr. Bones on twitter and facebook might know our resident Conjurer was recently blown out of his mind on what Gods...

Not Only is Bohemian Grove Going Broke, but Both Conan O’Brien and the Steve Miller Band Have Headlined There.

But the one cool thing Alex Jones did was that Bohemian Grove piece back in the day. Errr, no. I actually watched that video on this very site how ever many years...

Hack Hades

For the better part of two years now, my mother and my best friend, Spermula bandmate and fellow cabbie, Christian, have been independently giving me the hard sell to “play the airport.”...

Longtime Conspiracy Theorist After Pizzagate: “Fuck this shit, I’m Out!”

Fun facts about me: I HATE conspiracy theories. Which ones? Well, pretty much all of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love UFO stuff, but I’m honestly more interested in the...

The Mythic Function of the Zombie Apocalypse

From Modern Mythology: Our standard movie monsters deviate from their early folkloric roots in a number of major ways, but the most notable might be the general move from bewitchment to infection:...

From The Berlin Wall To Television And Beyond: Felicia Michaels

From Indie Bohemians: Felicia Michaels is an American stand-up comedian.