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Dude Accidentally Films Charlottesville Attack, is Immediately Accused of Being Involved in a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Remember how I was just talking about how conspiracy theories have jumped the shark? This is EXACTLY what I was talking about.

Pinpointing The Exact Moment When Conspiracy Theories Jumped the Shark

For a while I’ve been wondering how conspiracy theories went from: “what the hell’s going on with UFO’s?

Redemption of a Hack

It’s Monday, San Francisco overcast and quiet. I’m pulled over in Citizen’s Cab #1015 at the side of the road on Haight, at Ashbury.

The Return of the Disinfocast

Since I took over the site, a ton of people have been bugging me to revive the Disinfocast and I’ve been sort of conflicted about it.

The Geopolitics of Memewar

Excerpt from Narrative Machines. B&W 1st edition Available Now on Amazon, $13.95  What is French? This question cannot be answered by sounding out empty shells: Charles Martel, Joan of Arc, etc.

Deadhead Comicks issue #1

True Unbelievers! Let me tell you a tale. A long time ago, me and my friend, started to write a comic book.

Rufus Opus’s Modern Angelic Grimoire

One of the more traditional types of work I have done would be utilizing Rufus Opus’s “Modern Angelic Grimoire” approach to Trithemius: The art of drawing spirits into crystals which you can...

Elon Musk Fired His Longtime Assistant When She Asked for a Raise. He is Worth 16.9 Billion Dollars.

Really only posting this because I was just talking about what a fucking nut job Elon Musk is on the site a few weeks back.

Our Philosophy is Based on Psychedelics. Our Religion is Based on Astral Projection. Why Do We Know Next to Nothing About Either One of These Things?

Is western philosophy largely based around the psychedelic experience? Worthy area of inquiry for sure.

The Rodent Zone

Thursday High noon: I’m rolling Citizen’s Cab 1015 west up Market, approaching San Francisco’s Westfield Mall – flush at this hour with international tourists and suburbanites of means.

Neo-Nazi’s or Old Losers? DISINFO COMICKS # 7 1/2 !

Here’s a strip I did a while ago and published it in my zine called TERRIBLE. Cheap plug; Wanna see more of my stuff, it’s at The post Neo-Nazi’s or Old Losers?

Interview with the Magus: Aaron Leitch

Aaron Leitch is a senior member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the academic Societas Magica.

Stan Romanek Convicted for Possession of Child Pornography, Likely Won’t See Jail Time

I had never heard of Stan Romanek before I caught his film on Netflix like a month ago, but the story just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The Sacred Bindweeds of Mesoamerica: Introductions and Background

Introduction and Context Attempts to scientifically categorise and understand the depth of personal psychedelic experience, (particularly the more decadent and visionary states that can be attained through high doses or skillful use),...

What Terence McKenna Got Wrong

Terence McKenna has helped shape the thinking of perhaps millions of pyschonaugths, weirdos, hippies, and countless others on the fringes of society.

Robert Stark talks to Jamie Curcio about Narrative Machines

Robert Stark, co-host Sam Kevorkian, and J.G. Michael talk to Jamie Curcio about his new book Narrative Machines: Modern Myth, Revolution, & Propaganda.

Feel like Puking? Check Out These Alt Right Charlottesville Memes.

Lord, I typically try to block this shit out of my mind to the best of my abilities but I stumbled on this the other day and, well, it’s just creepy as...

The New Alcohol Epidemic Kills More Than Two and a Half Times as Many People as The Opioid Epidemic

If there was ever a time for a psychedelic revolution, it’d be now.     From Vice: “researchers found increases across the board.

Uncle Brucker the Rat Killer

Leslie Peter Wulff’s UNCLE BRUCKER THE RAT KILLER by Robert Guffey on August 9 via Cryptoscatology: Back in April my editor at Night Shade/Skyhorse asked me if I would provide a blurb...

The World Has Already Ended and YOU MAY DIE!!!

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals) I imagine they held hands before they fell to their deaths. Maybe there was a quiet moment shared between two lovers, an acknowledgement of all they’d...