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Nothing to See Hear

It’s a bea-U-tiful predawn! Friday, the fog is shining, and San Francisco is beaming particular with her special glow, that elusive magic – which one taxi philosopher posits is embedded in her...

An interview with DMT Researcher Dick Khan

Dick Khan is the author of the tome DMT and My Occult Mind,  a book in which he cronicles his over 600 DMT trips with an impecable and acedemic approach.

An Introvert’s Guide to Crashing the Extrovert Monopoly on Everything

By virtue of their outgoing persistence extroverts have long ruled the world, but perhaps it is time to follow the wisdom of the introvert’s aversion to meddling.

Rock ‘n Roll Ritual: Hex, Live @ Turn! Turn! Turn! Portland, Or. 3.8.18

Rock ‘n roll is a feeling. Rock ‘n roll is an energy. Rock ‘n roll is an amplified, electrified update on 12-bar blues and r&b.

If an “Elite” Pedophile Ring Gets Exposed, All it Would Prove is that “Elites” Engage in this Shit at Roughly the Same Rate as Everyone Else

I’d like to point out that essentially none of the people who constantly ran their mouths at me for writing about how Pizzagate was obvious bullshit have apologized.

Technology Is Revolutionizing the Way We Think About Medicine

Some of our most significant medical advances have come during the darkest periods of history. Inventions like the tourniquet, quick-clot, pain medication and even modern vaccines have come as a result of...

Does Google Reward You For Being Batshit Insane?

I kind of can’t believe Facebook has thusfar taken the brunt of the blowback for the internet making everyone suck, when it’s like: isn’t Google worse?

The Need to Challenge Power

The Harvey Weinstein revelations shown a light on one of Hollywood’s dirty “open secrets” and kicked off a huge barrage of allegations against other stars.

The Basic Bitch Who Thought She Was God

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: cults are almost always creepy. Very few exceptions to that rule.

The Unexpected Reason Why I Regret My Tattoos

I love having art on my body, and do not regret my choices, but tattoo culture is itself an often regrettable phenomena that is full of authoritarianism and toxic masculinity.

Post-Punk Classics: Wire – 154 album review

Punk rock, art rock, synth noise, and avant pop come together in a haunted machinist shop on Wire’s 154, the third of their quintessential debut triptych.

The Question Of Sensible Drug Policy Is No Longer If But When.

Slowly, ever so god-damned slowly, public policy has been changing in regards to drugs, their use, and harm reduction.

No Horns Were Honked

“There are no laws in this town, anymore. There is only what you can get away with.” – Alex SacK That’s what I tell my passengers when invariably making that illegal U...

Trump #MAGA the Alpha Male!

Beatings, sexual assault, lies, coverups, pedophile rape. God bless ‘Merica! The era of the pajama boy is over.

Psychedelic Science & the Irrational Problematic of Neurocentrism

Psychedelic research is on the rise, but unfortunately it is largely dominated by scientists working from an entirely unverified assumption.

Crypto-art is a Thing Now

I’m not a fan of Pepe the Frog, even apart from his appropriation by the alt-right, but I’m nonetheless fascinated by the blockchain-supported digital art market that’s emerged to facilitate the (surprisingly...

I Found a Dog That Looks Just Like Terence McKenna and I Have No Idea What to Do with this Information

Okay, so a couple of things. First off, this guy named Kevin Whiteside is putting together an archive of Terence McKenna goodies and doing a GoFundMe, so if you want to put...

Are We Finally Doing Something About the Opioid Crisis?

Fighting illicit drug use is not a partisan issue, or at least it shouldn’t be. No one wants to become a heroin addict.

Wayward Worship Occultcast: Brother Jimbo & Lloyd Daylight

SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS AND WITCHES! LISTEN TO EPISODE 02 ON SOUNDCLOUD.COM This episode was recorded live at The Waypost in PDX on January 26th, 2017.

Why Are Americans So Susceptible to Propaganda? Answer: We’re Dumber Than Shit.

I’m pointing the finger at myself here too, I mean, I’m an internet writer. Pretty early into that I was forced to confront the fact that the dumbest laziest shit typically ends...