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Jake Dill on Love, Fear, and the Interconnected Nature of Consciousness

Join psychedelic comedian, DJ, and DMT evangelist Jake Dill as he rants about love, fear, and how all consciousness is interconnected.

The Third Policeman: Audio

Hell goes round and round. In shape it is circular, and by nature it is interminable, repetitive, and nearly unbearable.

Kris Kuksi: Hallucinatory Enhancements

  Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Hallucinatory Enhancements, an exhibition of new work from Kansas-based artist Kris Kuksi.

The Challenges of Discussing Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a polarizing subject. One of the real challenges when discussing enlightenment is people tend to get wrapped up in searching for truth, not realizing that truth is subjective and abstract....

Tom Delonge Finally Announced Something

So, the day that everyone was waiting for finally arrived… Tom Delonge made an announcement. No, he didn’t give us new earth shattering evidence on aliens or UFOs.

Companies Double-Dip by Providing Treatments for Diseases Caused by Their Products

Imagine being paid to be both part of the problem and part of the solution. It would be like having someone pay you to open a bottle of red wine and pour...

Adventures in Audiomancy PT. 1

As I find my Disinfo footing, I thought I’d share my unique songwriting process that includes metaphysical techniques.  PT.

China to Implement Widespread Facial Recognition Database in Effort to Surpass the US as the World’s Leader in Dystopian Nightmare Technology

Just two short years ago at a biometrics conference in London, a senior-level technologist at the FBI poo-pooed the idea of implementing a massive facial recognition database upon the American people.  Not...

DeAndre Harris and White Supremacy: A Warrant To Shut Down ‘Black’

DeAndre Harris, the young black man severely beaten by a group of white supremacists at the Charlottesville rally, just got served with a warrant by the city magistrate for having allegedly assaulted...

What Would Be The Motive To Stage a Bunch of Mass Shootings? Nobody Could Explain it to Me.

Is there a popular conspiracy theory out there implying that con men like Alex Jones are actually deep state actors planted to make conspiracy theories look spectacularly stupid?

Psychedelic Renaissance Has Arrived

Do you feel that? The psychedelic renaissance has landed in the United States. The reverberation may stay, as the psychedelic renaissance we’re enjoying will aim to fix the reckless, immature teen period,...

Catalonia Is A Weapon

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals) “We do not only participate in insurrections led by anarchists but also in all the other insurrections that have the characteristics of the people in revolt,...

Interview with Alexis Palmer Karl “THE ECSTASY OF FORBIDDEN DAYLIGHT”

“THE ECSTASY OF FORBIDDEN DAYLIGHT” Alexis Palmer Karl  School of Continuing and Professional Studies Gallery Pratt Institute Co-sponsored by Stephen Romano Gallery Opening reception October 12th 6 – 8 2017 Exhibition dates...

A SubGenius Movie is Being Made, They Just Need Your Filthy Money.

For all true believers a J.R. “Bob” Dobbs movie would be enlightening to say the least. For non-believers it marks a chance to change the error of their ways and start down...

Why You and I Don’t Want to “Get Better”

Developing spiritually, “getting better”, is one of the scariest things you can do. It reeks of the fear people that tongue their medication and secretly spit it out a minute or two...

Serco – The Inconspicuous Corporate Monstrosity

Serco, although perhaps not as widely recognized and iconic, ranks right up there with more well-known, corporate villains that serve as the poster boys of our corporate, dystopian hellscapes.


After so long searching for a home, KREET-N has decided to take KRAKEN up on his offer to provide content.

The Never Ending Story: Booze, Psychosis, Magick, and Chaos.

Part One: From Tween to Conduit. To be honest this article is being written for completely selfish reasons.

Synchronicity and Tapping Into the Cosmic Narrative: This Week on the Disinfocast

Join us as we discuss my utterly bonkers Tom Petty synchronicity and the sheer ridiculousness of the idea that the universe is somehow devoid of narrative.

What is Cloud 9 (The Zombie Drug of Brazil)?

You may have seen this VIDEO haunting social media of a Brazilian woman convulsing, dead-eyed and contorting all Walking Dead like – or the Brazilian going all “28 Days Later” versus a...