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Prominent Sleep Scientists Agree: We Still Pretty Much Know Absolutely Nothing About Sleep

Okay so that’s not an actual quote but it might as well be if you read this recent article in the Atlantic.


Here I’ve recollect some emoji spells from the web to create a mini emoji grimoire. I’m thankful to the Wiccan community that helped me sort out this list.

Corpses! Armed Robberies! Southern (California) Death Cults! It’s the PIFF After Dark Film Festival!

Genre fiction can be given short shrift in serious cinephile circles. Major award ceremonies like the Oscars and Golden Globes regularly overlook top-shelf horror and science-fiction (no doubt Westerns as well, when...

Wolfgang Grasse (1930–2008) – Temporal Misift

  “Wolfgang Grasse is a temporal misfit, with artistic skills and attitudes that stand out, in our time, as a witch or an alchemist stands out… his work can be traced back to...

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry: Every Single Reason Bruce Banner Loses His Shit in the 70’s Hulk TV Show

Let’s face it, if I was the Hulk it’d be a pretty boring affair that essentially involved me accidentally destroying my house whenever I had to deal with Comcast.


This short fiction explores the conflict between happiness and intelligence and how the latter may not be the most beneficial goal for our future.


A PREVIEW OF UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES by Robert Guffey on February 14 via Cryptoscatology: What follows is an extra-special post Valentine’s Day Gift from ME to YOU… a preview of...

Exploring Occulture: An interview with Ryan Peverly

Ryan Peverly is the host of Occulture, a podcast about personal and cultural introspection through conversations about magic, alchemy, art, love and psychology.

A Most Peculiar Compass

A most peculiar compass round This morning in the snow I found, Ordain’d as such the night before By winds that shook the cottage door.

Shut It Down

Let’s take a ride outside the taxi this week, passengers. After all, a cabbie gets a day off once in a while, to be entirely spent tying up loose ends.

The Inner Hallucinatory World of Foma Jaremtschuk.

      Foma Jaremtschuk was born in a remote village in Siberia in 1907. He never learned to draw and completed only elementary education in a rural primary school, leaving after...

MAD BOMBERS! A 21st Century Thought Experiment

Take a look at these two men. One was a distinguished professor and a prolific (if not entirely nuanced) writer.

The Confessions of 17th Century Quadriplegic Magician Matthias Buchinger

The following details were revealed to me in a trance by an entity claiming to be the Bardo-bound consciousness of Matthias Buchinger.

The Death And Resurrection of Krautrock: Omega

Seven that Spells are one of those bands that just sort of exist in their own gloriously acid drenched universe.

A Psychic Told Bowie When He Would Die Back In The 70’s

35 more years, or something like that is apparently what a psychic told David Bowie according to his longtime keyboard player Mike Garson.

Black Magic Witch Hunts in India

June 20, 2016 Jharkhand, a state carved out of Bihar in November 2000, has clearly emerged as the hotbed of “witch- hunting” in India.

Horned Goddesses, Lupercalia, and Harvey Weinstein Sliced In Effigy; Dark Matter Cult’s Valentine’s Day Massacre Burlesque Night @ Crush Bar, Portland, Or. Review & Photo Gallery

Valentine’s Day is not all hearts, chocolates, and roses. In fact, the heart-shaped holiday can be pretty grim for a lot of folks.

Breath Work Will Fuck Your Shit Up Something Proper

There are so many odd things that can get you coherently higher than drugs basically for free. I mean, I’m sure you could teach yourself how to do this sort of thing...

Cybersecurity Threats I Didn’t Know Existed

Roughly $38.5 billion. Take a second to consider what that amount of money even looks like. That monetary damage can be tied back to a single computer virus, called MyDoom.

The People Who Don’t Believe In Hypnosis: This Week on the Disinfocast

The thing is, hypnosis is established science but it’s also so weird that sometimes when people see it up close with their own eyes, they still can’t believe it.