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Man Dedicates His Only Day Off A Week To Cleaning And Restoring Veterans’ Headstones

Tampa Bay, Florida. Specialty cleaner Andrew Lumish gets one day a week off work. Sundays. And on those Sundays, every Sunday, he heads down to the cemetery.

This Boiler Repair Company’s Simple Act Of Kindness For Struggling New Parents Is So Touching!

Minnesota, USA. Maria and Jesse Hulscher have just had a baby. It’s the couple’s second child and he’s called Adler.

When Fishing Goes WRONG – Huge Marlin Fights Back; Topples Boat

Fishing. A fun hobby for some people. But you’ve got to watch how you go and what you do. Don’t get cocky.

Solar Winds Might Cause HUGE Global Blackouts

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has some slightly worrying news for us all. The Sun is going a bit crazy – to use layman’s terms.

American Airlines Worker Suspended After Making Young Mom Cry And Goading Man To Fight

You have thought that airline staff might have taken some lessons out of what happened to United Airlines recently, wouldn’t you?

North Korea Threatens To NUKE Australia

North Korea aren’t making many friends of late, are they? The Asian country is currently at loggerheads with the United States and are now lashing out at any country that aligns themselves with the USA.

London Marathon Runner Sacrifices His Own Time To Help Collapsing Competitor Cross The Line

Matthew Rees has been preparing for the London Marathon for months. He’s an amateur runner from Chorlton Runners Club in Manchester and he lives for his long distance running.

Boy Thinks His Mom’s Died; Knocks On Neighbor’s Door, Asks For Him And Sister To Be Looked After

A woman hears a knock at the door. She opens it and finds a little five year-old kid. It’s the boy from next door, Sal Cicalese.

Incredible Girl With No Arms Plays Piano With Her Feet BEAUTIFULLY!

Lorelai Mosnegutu is, quite simply, stunning. Her appearance on European talent show Romania’s Got Talent took an entire country by storm.

Loyal Dog Attempts To Help Friend After The Poor Thing Was Hit By A Car

Dogs are, we all know, man’s best friend. They have an innate sense of loyalty that, presumably, comes from their pack mentality.

Hero Amputee Marine Runs Boston Marathon With Massive US Flag

Staff Sergeant Jose Luis Sanchez was on a tour of Afghanistan with his buddies in 2011 when he stood on an IED And it blew off a lot of his right leg.

Wendy’s Just Took On A Rival Fast Food Chain On Twitter And DESTROYED Them!

We don’t normally pay too much attention to corporate social media accounts. After all, who cares what Xerox has to say on Facebook or what the Instagram feed of Delta Airlines is all about?

This Girl’s Car Selfie With A Ghost Has Us Well And Truly Freaked OUT!

Melissa Kurtz is a mom of two from the state of Florida and she’s always getting annoyed at her daughter Harper for not wearing her seat belt when they’re out in the car.

McDonald’s Staff That Made Facebook Killer Wait For Nuggets While Cops Arrived To Get $50k Reward

The now infamous Facebook Live Killer Steve Stephens is dead. He killed himself after a short chase with police in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Amazing TEN Year-Old Girl Drummer Wins Denmark’s Got Talent!

Johanne Astrid is a one of a kind. She’s just ten years old, but her impeccable drumming to the classic Led Zeppelin rock n’ roll song, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was more than enough to give her an amazing win at the final of Denmark’s Got Talent recently. She’d originally auditioned and wowed everyone with an truly incredible cover of Rage Against The Machine’s huge rock-out track ‘Killing In The Name‘… Somehow, though?

Girl Dies Smiling After Her Hero Ed Sheeran Sang To Her As She Lost Battle

Fifteen-year-old Triona Priestley tragically lost her battle with the sometimes fatal illness of cystic fibrosis back in April 2014.

April The Angry Momma Giraffe Kicks Vet In The Nuts To Protect Her Newborn Baby!

Most of the time, animals and humans get on pretty well, don’t we? We keep pets, look after a lot of others, they tolerate us.

UFO Experts Proclaims Weird Object ‘Passing The Moon’ Is Evidence Of Alien Life

It seems all but impossible to imagine that within the entire universe – that unfathomably enormous thing – Earth is the only planet to house lifeforms.

If You See One Of THESE In A Public Restroom, Get Out The Hell Out Of There

They look normal. You wouldn’t even noticed them. But if you spot one and recognize it… you need to act.

Kind Diners Give Waitress HUGE Tip… Then Make Her A Truly INCREDIBLE Offer

An Australian couple are on vacation in Hawaii and decide to eat at the Noi Thai Cuisine restaurant. They have a great time, with some wonderful food and great service.