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Sumo Wrestler All Over The Place After Getting Knocked The Hell Out Just Seconds Into Match

Martial arts from Asia is still very popular today. And not just over there – Kung-Fu, Judo, Karate and – of course – mixed martial arts are huge in the West too.

This Snake’s Eyes Are Bigger Than Its Belly – Check It Out Having To Vomit Up ENTIRE Antelope!

Groblersdal, Limpopo, South Africa. A hungry snake spots some lunch and goes for the kill. But the meal turned out to be a little too much for him and he was forced to regurgitate the meal.

This Weird And Creepy Little House Floats Underneath An Old Railway Arch

We’ve all seen those weird little houses that you can get now. Neat, smartly thought-out little dwellings that are often pre-fabricated and all about saving space and money.

Vengeful Geese Go On The Attack After Little Girl Repeatedly Kicks Them

Animals. Some of them you can mess with, some of them you can’t. You shouldn’t tease or hurt any animals ever, of course.

Nope, Nope, NOPE! Horrifying Spider Infestation Contains GRUESOME Foot Long Surprise!

Queensland, Australia. The home of the craziest creepy-crawlies in the world. The worst offenders they have Down Under?

Dude Hacks His Amazon Alexa To Speak Out Of A Skull And It’s Pretty Damn Creepy!

Technology continues to kick off at a terrific pace and it seems as thought every day new things are coming out that you could scarcely believe possible just a few years ago.

“Jail Time!” Trump Attacks Snoop Over Music Video Showing The Rapper Shooting Him

There’s a new rap beef. Well, 50% of the beef is rap. The other half? Presidential. That’s right, a rapper and Trump are going at it.

All-Action Cops Take Down Drugs Plane In The Most GTA Way Imaginable

In a scene that’s part real-life Grand Theft Auto and part a scene from Narcos, this clip from Brazil is just flat-out crazy.

Bam Margera Is Back Looking Fit And Healthy And… He’s On A Skateboard Again!

We last saw Bam Margera on Family Therapy With Dr Jenn with his mother talking about his alcoholism and rehabilitation.

Girl Totally ROASTS Her Boyfriend After He Cheats On Her During Spring Break

Ah, Spring Break. What a time to be alive. It’s a crazy thing, part fun time paradise, part depressing Sodom on Earth.

Young Girl Takes A Selfie On A Fishing Trip; Somehow Captures What Appears To Be A GHOST

Tifton, Georgia. Jessica Ogletree and her family were out on a fishing trip when her thirteen year-old daughter Haley decided to pose for a selfie.

Savages Mom RUINS Son In School After He Swears At Her In A Text Message!

A text conversation between a young guy and his mom is going mega viral at the moment and – when you see it – you’ll know why!

Gutsy Woman Beats Up Man Who Tried To Attack Her In Public Restroom

Brave Kelly Herron fought off a crazed s*x attacker recently after he attacked her while she was out jogging.

Dude Throws Up Everywhere While Trying To Propose To His Girl On Private Plane

Proposing to someone is a big deal, right? Popping that big question to your loved one is a nerve-wracking moment.

Crazy Man Ruins Body Forever With Bizarre Tattoo Tribute To The Cash Me Outside Girl

The Cash Me Outside Girl. She’s 2017’s hottest internet star. A meme that’s blown up out of all proportion, she’s famous basically for being badly behaved once on TV.

Every Single Episode Of Breaking Bad Has Been Edited Down Into A Perfect 127 Minute Movie!

Breaking Bad. It’s been off our screens for a while now (well, unless you have Netflix, that is). And dammit – we still miss it.

Girl Baits IT Worker Boyfriend With Kim Kardashian-Looking Stripper; Guy Fails Miserably

To Catch a Cheater. They’re a couple of guys with a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to catching cheaters and proving jealous people either right or wrong about their partners.

Skinny Kid Transforms Into HUGE Bodybuilder Using Just One Very Simple Diet Trick…

23 year-old bank worker Guy Harding from Devon in the west of England was a skinny kid. And a skinny teenager.

Best Job Ever…? Get Paid $12k To Spend All Summer Travelling The World Drinking Beer!

Like beer? Like travelling? Like getting paid? Like all three of those things and quite fancy the idea of getting rewarded handsomely to trek the planet drinking suds?

Two Florida Men Meet Up To Settle Online Dispute In Person; Both Then Die In A Shootout…

St. Augustine, Florida. Two men have died after agreeing to meet up and settle an online dispute they were having.