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She Cheated On Her Soldier Husband With Over 60 Men… But He Had The Last Laugh!

We’ve heard some good stories from Reddit recently. Like the guy who took the ultimate revenge on the bully who attacked his brother… But this might just be the best yet.

Terrified Two Year-Old Left In Car As Mother PARTIES In Nearby Nightclub

Schaffhausen, Switzerland. A selfish woman who first caused outrage in a small Swiss city is now provoking anger across the world as her story goes viral.

This Dude Got a FREE Upgrade to Emriate’s $21,000 First Class Seats! WOW!

YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat lives one heck of a life. If he’s not busy crashing the Met Gala with his GoPro, then he’s off visiting some far-flung destination and hanging with some of the coolest people on the planet.

The REAL Reason Why Wendy’s Burgers Are Square Will Surprise You

There are only so many different ways you can make a hamburger, especially if you’re a fast-food restaurant.

Sinister Clown Sightings Get Worse As Fear For Children’s Safety Grows

Clowns. Is there anything in the world creepier than the sighting of one of these ‘entertainers’? Even before Stephen King immortalized them as petrifying in his novel ‘It’, we knew.

Great White Sharks Leaps Out Of The Water Just Inches Away From A Group Of Surfers!

Incredible footage has emerged showing a Great White Shark jumping out of the water just yards away from a group of surfers in San Francisco.

Man Claims To Have Found Dead Dragon On A Remote Island

Dragons. Star of many a book, TV show and movie, these giant flying lizard beast are nothing but fiction, aren’t they?

Jimmy Fallon Messes Up Donald Trump’s Hair On The Tonight Show!

Jimmy Fallon might well have the biggest talk show in America and access to all the stars, but there are still certain things that are as off limits to him as they are to everyone else.

Diver Captures On Film The Moment He Was Attacked By A Great White Shark!

A diver has caught on camera the shocking moment that he was attacked by a great white shark. Tyler McQuillen was diving off the coast of Santa Barbara a fortnight ago when he felt a hard blow to his lower back.

You Won’t Believe What The Singer From Evanescence Looks Like Now!

Remember Evanescence? The Christian rock group had a string of hits in the noughties, including Going Under and Bring Me To Life.

Man Squeezes Out GIANT Salivary Gland Stone From Under His Tongue

Brandon Douglas felt a weird pain underneath his tongue. He didn’t know what it was, but the pain wasn’t too bad.

He Quickly Drank 24 Cans Of Red Bull… Soon? THIS Starts Happening Inside His Body

It’s late morning. You’re at work. You didn’t sleep great last night and your boss is working you hard.

23 Text Messages You REALLY Don’t Want To Get From Your Daughter!

Embarrassing texts. We’ve all sent ’em. Whether it’s the classic ‘accidentally sending to the person you’re talking about’ or the ‘autocorrect changed that to something really personal,’ they can be some of the biggest cringe inducing moments of our lives.

Has Hillary Clinton Been Caught On Tape Birthing An Alien Life Form?!

The “alt-right” conspiracy theorist community are pretty obsessed with Hillary Clinton. One of the most enduring theories that does the rounds is that Clinton is actually gravely ill – dying in fact – and the mainstream media are covering this up.

After This High School Student Was Told To Wear A Bra, An Epic Protest Ensued…

Summer is over, and the kids are going back to school. That can only mean one thing – disputes over school uniform guidelines.

Idiot On YouTube Tries To Cut Fruit With Ninja Swords. Manages To Sever Two Of His Fingers!

A YouTube vlogger has caught on film the moment that he accidentally severs two of his fingers. Lance Stewart was trying to slice oranges being thrown by his friends with a pair of ninja swords when the incident happened.

Boy Leaves Haunting Message On His Facebook Profile. Three Hours Later, He Was Dead

A schoolboy has been struck dead by a train, in an apparent suicide, just hours after posting a haunting message on his Facebook wall.

Survivors Of The Aurora Massacre Ordered To Pay Movie Theater $700,000!

The survivors of the 2012 Aurora movie theater massacre have been ordered to pay $700k to the owners of the cinema where the shooting took place!

When Firemen Found The Nine-Year-Old, She Was Already Dead. But Under Her Body They Found Something Heart-Wrenching

Last week, on August 24th, a massive earthquake hit the town of Pescara del Tronto, Italy, killing nearly 300, and leaving a further 4000 homeless.

Retired Cop Smashes Window With A Sledgehammer To Save Baby From Boiling Hot Car!

A quick thinking retired cop saved a baby from a hot car by smashing a rear window with a sledgehammer.