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10 Most Infamous Pirates in History

Enduring and colourful figures in history, pirates have always held a certain glamour and swagger ever since they exploded into the public realm in their heyday.

10 Most Jaw Dropping Supercars

Who doesn’t love a good supercar?! These amazing feats of engineering genius not only look fantastic but satisfy the need for speed in all of us.

10 Most Intriguing Facts About Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin is one of the most infamous, enigmatic and little-understood figures in modern history.

10 Most Talented Footballers Who Ever Played

Known as the beautiful game, football is the most popular sport on the planet. From Africa to South America and Japan to Spain, it is a universal obsession that brings everyone together.

10 Most Romantic Holiday Destinations in the World

Whether you’re heading off on a honeymoon following a dream wedding or simply taking a romantic break as a couple, you’ll want to go somewhere truly special.

10 Most Stunning Beaches In The World

There’s no doubt about it – most people love getting away from the stresses of modern life and relaxing on a perfect beach.

10 Most Curious Unsolved Mysteries

Do you love to read or watch a bone-chilling mystery? Stories of unsolved or unknown instances are a huge source of entertainment.

10 Most Well-Known Food Rivalries

Competition is one of the core principles in the world of marketing – someone has to be the best. Not only do business have to match their competitors but they also have to show consumers why they are the top choice.

10 Most Popular TV Shows Around

After a long day at the office, you come home and want to relax in front of the TV. You turn and the tube and what do you watch?

10 Most Influential Philosophers Ever

As a discipline, philosophy has a rich and varied history from the time of Ancient Greece right up until the present day.

10 Most Crazy Roman Emperors

Ancient Rome was a crazy place in lots of ways. With death and gruesome torture common-place along with hedonism that would shock even the most open-minded person, it wasn’t a place for the faint hearted.

10 Most Dark Original Versions of Fairy Tales

Disney and other companies animating children’s stories are known for visually bringing fairy tales to life.

10 Most Little Known Facts About Hitler

For someone as famous as Adolf Hitler, it would seem strange to think that there is anything we don’t know about him.

10 Most Effective Productivity Tips

Time runs short, but you still can’t get to work to finish that paper writing before the deadline arrives?

10 Most Famous (and Infamous) Sports Bets of All Time

Here are just a few of the most famous and infamous sports bets in history that might turn you into a sports better.

10 Most Notorious Film Hell-Raisers

As much as we admire movie stars for their acting abilities and on-screen presence, the ones we truly love are the hell-raisers.

10 Most Spooky Supernatural Creatures

The stuff of nightmares – the vivid imagination of Hollywood – ghosts and witches are old school. You may never come out from beneath the covers again when you find out what really lurks in the dark.

10 Most Popular Summer Vacations

School is out for the summer and a vacation awaits your arrival! Do you know where you are heading? It’s time to get your bags packed and start making awesome memories.

10 Most Amazing Tennis Players

With Wimbledon being in full swing and the clay court tennis season before that providing plenty of great play, tennis is everywhere.

10 Most Dastardly Movie Villains Ever

One of the main ingredients for a successful film is the villain it contains. While the hero or heroine may get all the limelight it’s very often the evil maniac they thwart who steals the show.