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10 Most Amazing Super Foods

Healthy living is an important concern for many of us these days – leading a healthy life not only makes us happier but allows us to live for longer.

10 Most Fascinating Facts about Jesus

As one of the most important religious figures in history, Jesus Christ is universally known. Even followers of different religions will have heard of him and the story of his life.

10 Most Badass Animals

The animal kingdom is filled with creatures whose beauty masks danger. And also some which are just ugly and mean.

10 Most Little Known Facts about Jack the Ripper

Is there a more enduring mystery around the world than that of the notorious Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper?

10 Most Winning Ways to Learn from Online Resources

We are fortunate to live in information revolution era. With progress in technology development, we have access to free educational resources.

10 Most Amusing Roger Moore Quotes as 007

Recent news is that the great British actor, Roger Moore, has sadly passed away at the age of 89 following a short battle with illness.

10 Most Raucous Boxing Press Conferences

Nothing in boxing can quite match the unpredictability and danger of the pre-fight press conference. Whether it’s the weeks of intense training, verbal sparring or just for fun the fighters involved seem to love causing chaos at these events.

10 Most Crazy Ancient Sports

We all love to relax in our spare time and many of us enjoy taking part in adrenaline fuelled sports for our kicks.

10 Most Bizarre Cults

The very nature of a cult makes them a bit weird, with all the rules and fervent devotion to a leader.

10 Most Plausable Conspiracy Theories

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory and through the ages there have been enough of them to keep even the most ardent fan happy.

10 Most Unusual Facts About Al Capone

Easily one of the most infamous and well-known gangsters in history was Al Capone. A notorious Chicago gang boss, he is still the one of the most recognised names in American criminal history.

10 Most Kick-Ass Martial Arts

Everyone knows that learning a martial art is a great way to get in shape, build confidence and be able to look after yourself if needs be.

10 Most Terrifying Creatures in Germanic Folklore

Every major culture around the world past and present has had its fair share of mythical creatures. The ancient Germanic culture that existed during the middle ages in Northern and Western Europe is no different and contains some of the oldest and scariest monsters around that have passed into legend.

10 Most Intense US Roller Coasters

Roller coasters are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people find them to be terrifying and dangerous, which is a reasonable stance to take given the amount of theme park accidents over the years that have resulted in injury and sometimes death.

10 Most Essential Tips for Writing an Effective Essay

Many students find essay writing complex and time consuming. Whether it is for a scholarship, a class, or maybe even a contest, people often find the task overwhelming.

10 Most Fun Summer Activities

Summer is getting ready to roll in which means sweaters get put away and swimsuits come out. It’s the time of year where the weather is nice enough to go out on almost a daily basis and take advantage of nights coated with summer breezes.

10 Most (and least) Restrictive Countries for Online Casinos

It’s the 21 century and the world is advancing at an accelerated pace, but somehow we still can’t handle online gambling.

10 Most Watched Sports In The World for 2017

The popularity of watching sports around the world are growing quickly due to the steady increase in television rights.

10 Most Bizarre State Laws

In the US, most states create laws to accommodate social needs and maintain civility and order. Sometimes these laws end up being so outlandish that they force us to ask ourselves “Wait… is that really a law?

10 Most Mind Blowing Makeup Examples by Mimi Choi

Mimi Choi (31), is a Vancouver-based make-up artist who is famous with amazing makeup transformations on her instagram account.