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10 Most Exciting Detective Novels You Should Read

In the modern age, there are lots of different ways to spend your leisure time. With the lure of online and digital activities such as Facebook or Instagram, it is easy to forget how great reading can be.

10 Most Interesting Facts About Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

As creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will be long remembered in history. It should also be noted that he wrote many other books on various topics as well as his most famous literary creation.

10 Most Obscure Facts About Venice

If there is one place that sums up the passion and romance of Italy, then it is Venice. This beautiful island is home to many cafes and bars where you can enjoy a break with your loved one.

10 Most Legitimate Excuses for Taking Naps

Napping… some love it, some loathe it and some just think it downright idle! The thing is that there are all sorts of good reasons to nap… legitimate reasons… sensible and grown-up reasons concerning well-being and de-stressing.

10 Most Craziest Band Feuds in Music

Being in a band can be tough! We all think it is a breeze with the copious amounts of sex, drugs and drink and no doubt this can help in some ways.

10 Most Brilliant Formula 1 Drivers Ever

In the world of sport, glamour and excess are key ingredients for many. Sports such as soccer and american football have their fair share of razzmatazz but Formula 1 is surely the king in that respect.

10 Most Infamous Gangsters in History

There is no doubt that gangsters still hold a fascination with the general public. From movies to books and TV shows, we still all like to hear all about their crimes and savage nature.

10 Most Interesting Facts About Malta

There is something for everyone in Malta, and here we are going to look at 10 most interesting facts about this beautiful little island.

10 Most Well-Known Poker Tournaments with Huge Prize Tools

Poker tournaments are one of the events that gamblers look forward to you every year. The biggest tournaments are played by the best gamblers in the world and have outstanding prizes that could be as high as millions of dollars.

10 Most Essential Kitchen Tools

When moving in a new home, you may find a kitchen that seems to benefit from the entire basic equipment.

10 Most Mysterious Islands In The World

When it comes to locations around the globe, most of them are known about now. The increasingly small world we live in thanks to air travel and the internet means that there are not many secret islands left to see.

10 Most Common Essay Writing Mistakes

Writing is a skill which is mastered over time. The application of the skill varies on the message and the intended audience.

10 Most Expensive Rolls Royce Cars To Buy

If there is one premier car brand that screams opulence and luxury it is Rolls Royce. First formed in 1906, it was positioned as a premium product for car lovers from the start.

10 Most Fun Photos of Photog’s Wife With Graffiti by KBev

After traveling all over the world taking photos of graffiti, KBev has started a different twist on the passion.  Namely, he’s started asking people to add their own personal flavor by posing in front of the art.  Although he often asks strangers from cost-to-coast and around the world, his favorite model is his wife of 20 years, Tasha.

10 Most Famous Renaissance Paintings

There is no doubt that, culturally and artistically, the Renaissance period was an important part in the world’s history.

10 Most Suspicious Facts About 9/11

One of the most tragic and shocking incidents in recent history was the 9/11 terrorist attacks in America.

10 Most Effective Sleep Hacks You May Not Know

Are you one of those who cannot get a good sleep at night? If yes, then this article is for you today, we will be listing some simple hacks, which may help turn your situation around.

10 Most Addictive Best Niche Online Games

Where would we be without online games to pass the time of day? Left twiddling our thumbs and making up “10 best” lists in our minds in all probability.

10 Most Loved Soccer Teams Worldwide

Soccer is known as one of world’s most popular sports games and has been played in more than two hundred countries.

10 Most Bizarre Ancient Medicines For Pain

There is a popular myth in modern society that people in the annals of history didn’t have the luxury of pain relief.