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Couple transform van into a traveling home, using IKEA & small bag of tools (Video)

Using a combination of custom-made furniture and off-the-shelf items, this van uses a bunch of neat design ideas to make it feel like home.

Why Amazon's headquarters are like the Plotnick Diamond

Cities competing in this cattle call should be careful what they wish for.

Clutter is bad, even if you're not a hoarder

The amount of excess stuff in your house doesn't have to reach sensational reality TV levels before it has negative effects on your wellbeing.

Mented makes nude, vegan, non-toxic lipsticks for women of color

This is important because Black women have a harder time finding safe, green cosmetics.

Joris Laarman Lab shows the future of digital design

An exhibition of their work is at the Cooper Hewitt in New York

American kids spend more than two hours a day on screens

The total amount of time hasn't increased much in six years, but the way in which it's consumed has.

Tired iguana lost at sea gets ride to shore from kind kayaker (video)

Four miles from the shore of Key West, the fatigued iguana eagerly scrambled aboard the kayak and hitched a ride home.

Photo: Waterfall shows off its serene side

Our photo of the day comes from Chiapas, Mexico.

Some curious parenting advice from history

And somehow, those babies must have survived in order to produce subsequent generations.

Tesla tiny house integrates solar with Powerwall, towed by Model X (Video)

Tesla's tiny house integrates solar power and its Powerwall home battery into a seamless system, and can be towed by the Model X.

Do dogs use facial expressions to communicate?

More than just a reflection of emotional states, a new study finds that dogs’ facial movement are potentially active attempts to communicate.

Bea Johnson says, 'Don't be afraid of Zero Waste!'

In a podcast interview, Johnson says the lifestyle may seem scary but you'll be amazed at how rich your life can be.

Restoring nature is climate equivalent of stopping burning oil

1/3 of emissions reductions needed for 2 degree target could be achieved with better land management.

36 baby giant pandas make their roly-poly public debut (video)

Break out the cigars! A remarkable record of 42 giant pandas have been born this year at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

Scaffolding: the ultimate flexible, modular and ephemeral building material

A show at the New York Center for Architecture looks at the usually ignored but omnipresent scaffold

Photo: Tiny frog lives in a vanishing world

Our photo of the day comes one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

The paper in this notebook is made from stone

An innovative stationery company has figured out a way to make paper from crushed stone, using no trees or water in the process.

Sweden offers a 25% subsidy for electric bike purchases

For the next 3 years, residents of Sweden are getting a serious incentive to get on an e-bike, as the country is setting aside about €35 million per year to subsidize their purchase.

World's first floating wind farm now operating in Scotland

This technology might open up many new areas to offshore wind.

59,000 plug-in cars sold in China last month

That's 80% more than September 2016.