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Crowdsourced Trump Forest aims to plant 10 billion trees to offset removal of Clean Power Plan

In a bid to mitigate the effects of the current US administration's anti-climate policies, this campaign is encouraging people to step up the carbon sequestration pace by planting billions of trees.

Photo: Chipmunk shows its cute side

... as if there were a side that wasn't cute?

Cyborg bacteria turn carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels with zero waste

Forget about Tony Stark or the Bionic Man, the real cyborg action starts with microscopic swamp creatures

Fast Food Furniture is a worrisome trend

Do we really want our furniture to be inspired by burgers and hot dogs? We prefer Slow Food.

6 ways to escape the back-to-school shopping craze

Who says you have to hit the mall? Here are some greener and cheaper alternatives.

Just what we needed dept: Underwater parking spaces

They built them in Amsterdam; why not in Boston?

Vanilla is more expensive and popular than ever

Cyclone damage, combined with growing demand for natural extract, has squeezed Madagascar's market.

Tesla making car sharing a whole lot easier

In the future, any Tesla you drive will automatically adjust to you.

What should you do with your eclipse glasses?

Do not mail them to the President.

Gimme a thermal break: Ban balconies that don’t have them

Balconies are becoming more popular among condo buyers. It's time to start building them right.

Silly man films bear in garage, gets charged

Or, why you should NOT reach for your phone when a fierce animal shows up.

Huge shift from planes to trains on London-Scotland routes

The shift has prevented 680,000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the past decade, apparently.

Photo: Your feel-good photo of the day, brought to you by lions!

Purr, snuggle, awww, repeat.

Soil education: There's an app for that

The new free Starting with Soil app offers a "playful, visually rich way" of helping kids (and adults) learn about healthy soil, which is a crucial part of our food system.

Watch 150 animal species roam the globe in this amazing migration animation

Globalization, animal-style.

I don’t need a bigger car

I'd rather be snug than in debt.

Internet proves the perils of messing with mac & cheese

Mac & cheese devotees have taken an online “low calorie" recipe to hilarious task.

The Clean Lunch Bag is plastic-free, insulated with wool offcuts

It's the perfect answer to the non-recyclable, bacteria-ridden nightmare that are conventional lunch bags.

Making the grade in sustainable forestry

A&A Trading gets an A+ in connecting hikers to forests & forests to community

Prismatic stained glass cabin is a lakeside refuge from the city

Offering a contemplative eye out onto a changing landscape, this custom-built cabin will host visitors to this region in France.