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Net-zero solar powered tiny house could help ease city's affordable housing crisis (Video)

Built by students, this award-winning entry is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes.

Happy CSA Day!

The last Friday in February is a celebration of the direct-to-customer business model that allows small farmers to continue growing wonderful fresh food.

How Irish cattle farmers preserve a strange, ancient landscape

It's the only place in Northern Europe where winter grazing is the norm. And the results are extraordinary.

14 gorgeous mushrooms that show fungi's glamorous side

Mushrooms are all too often relegated to the realm of dark and funky fungi, when in fact many are worthy of super-swooning.

Infographic explains why coffee and tea are so good for us

These popular hot beverages inhabit places of honor in our homes, apparently for very good reasons.

Could an ancient education model save our kids from robots and redundancy?

A return to the distant past and a re-adoption of the Trivium might be the answer to our society's academic woes.

France offers €200 subsidy on electric bike purchases

In a bid to get more people on their bikes, and to boost alternative transport methods, France is offering its citizens a financial incentive for purchasing an e-bike.

Apple's new product launch: Introducing Apple Park

I have complained about this building forever, but will admit that Norman Foster has designed a masterpiece.

Double your fruit and vegetable intake for much-improved health

New research from the UK shows that doubling the daily recommended amount of produce from 5 to 10 servings a day has significant health benefits.

10 plastic items you can give up right now

So much of the plastic we use is completely unnecessary; give up these items and you won't even miss them.

How a 1/2 acre urban garden became a hub for many more

It's not even about food growing anymore, say Kane and Fiona Hogan. It's about cultivating community.

Steel drum contains a complete solar charging station for off-grid & remote power

The Solar Charging Can has a self-contained solar power hub inside it that can be set up in about half an hour for events, off-grid situations, or emergency power.

This enormous huntsman spider is Australia's largest (video)

Watch this quick and nimble huntsman spider ... that is over 6 inches and said to be the biggest one yet discovered.

Photo: The wild mustangs of California

Our incredible, spirited photo of the day comes from Adobe Valley, California.

How to avoid being another annoying tourist

Ethical, sustainable travel requires some serious consideration. Ask yourself some tough questions.

Why should self-driving cars look like cars?

They are going to be bedrooms, living rooms, bars, or even a gym. Anything but a car.

Cab office turned into 139 sq. ft. micro-apartment with convertible furniture (Video)

Influenced by boat design, this is a renovation of what might be London's smallest house.

5 benefits of a night shower, including improved sleep

Trade the morning shower for one before bed for better sleep and more.

Pressure mounts on UK supermarkets to create plastic-free aisles

If shoppers can choose gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, kosher, and halal food items, why not plastic-free, too?

The President of Iceland is right: Ban pineapple pizza.

This is a silly post, about a silly bit of news, but is a reminder that we really should think about what we eat.