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Nutrition Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, jet lag can put a damper on things, especially if your travels take you across three or more time zones.  It takes a while for your body’s circadian rhythms to adjust to your new time zone.

Exploring Turkish Cuisine

Angie Brenner and Joy Stocke-Young, co-authors of Tree of Life: Turkish Home Cooking, join the Clever Cookstr to talk about their education in Turkish cuisine.

Why Your Muscle Health Matters

This is the first in a three-part series on muscle health that I have done in partnership with Ensure.  However, the opinions I express in these articles are all my own.

The Ups and Downs of Hill Training

Picture this: it is a dark, winter night. It is negative 20 degrees Celsius outside (negative 4 Fahrenheit) and a group of runners are diligently following their coach (me) up and down a rather steep and snow covered hill.

How Do We Know the Earth Isn't Flat?

The Earth is a sphere. We have known this since the ancient Greeks, but those who claim to disagree have persisted for just as long.

7 Space-Saving Tips to Keep Your Clothes Organized

DIY Drawer Sorters Keep your underwear and sock drawers organized by using shoe boxes as separate compartments.

4 Ways to Handle Your Child's Toxic Friendships

As summer winds down and a new school year rounds the corner, it’s quite normal for the entire family to have mixed emotions.  The more relaxed, carefree days that encompass our summer schedule are about to be traded in for a more rigid and structured timeframe.  And as much as my kids enjoy their laid back summer routine, after 8 weeks at home they start to get a bit stir crazy and actually look forward to heading back to the classroom.

Does Your Footfall Really Matter?

If you are not currently injured or dealing with niggling pains anywhere, my answer to the age old question, “Hey coach, what part of my foot should be hitting the ground first when I run?

7 Tools for Protecting Your Walls

Protect Your Walls from Cracks Before driving a nail into a plaster wall, place a small piece of tape over the spot you’re working on.

Facing Your 2 Biggest Questions About Death

People unfazed by the idea of death are about as common as people who like taxes. Pretty much everyone has some kind of death-related fear or anxiety.

Stop Calling Yourself a Grammar Nazi

When I’m asked to give people a bio, a paragraph about myself, I often end it with the sentence “She hates the phrase ‘grammar Nazi’ and loves the word ‘kerfuffle.’ This isn’t a new sentiment—you can see it in the bio for my TED talk from 2015—but it suddenly seems more relevant and more important.

How to Use Quotations

I have a confession to make. I often skip the long blocks of quotes when I am reading academic articles and books.

8 Must-Know Electronics Hacks

More Battery Juice You’ve just realized your cell phone’s battery is about to die, but you’re at work and don’t have your charger.

A Sewer’s Guide to Keep Supplies Organized

Straw Organizer Doing some knitting? Keep yarn from getting tangled, especially if you’re working with two strands at a time, by running the ends of the rolls through straws.

How to Get Rid of Indoor Pests

Bedbugs Bedbugs usually require a professional exterminator, but if you have a mild infestation, you might be able to tackle them on your own.

6 Fun DIY Wall Décor Ideas

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Do you have an old, dusty picture hanging in a place of prominence on your wall?

The 10 Most Nutritious Foods for the Money

If you’re trying to eat a healthy diet on a limited budget, you’ll quickly run into a dilemma: The cheapest sources of calories - dollar menu, anyone?

Work from a Home Office? Claim a Tax Deduction and Save Money

More people are working from home these days, either as a remote employee or as their own boss. No matter if you have plans for a major tech startup, want to earn more by freelancing on the side, or work at home for an employer, there are ways to shelter more of your money from taxes.

The Secrets of Southern Barbecue

Matt Moore is the author of The South's Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection.

Are Eclipse Glasses Safe?

As the August 21st total solar eclipse quickly approaches, there has been an increased frenzy of reporting on how to view it safely.