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15 Creative DIY Flower Pots

Spring in half- way trough, and you know what spring means? Pretty flowers of course! I if you have not jet took care of your home plants and flowers, now is the perfect time.

Selfies Gone Wrong

The good old days, when we were taking pictures of each other are long forgotten. The magic of selfies has taken over the world and it seems like it is here to stay.

16 Non-Traditional And Genius Way To Use An Ice Cube Tray

That is right, you can actually use the ice cube tray for more than just freezing water. We bet you have them at home in a huge number and different shapes and sizes, but you have never thought to give them another purpose than making, well, ice cubes.

10 Amazing Fashion Ideas For Your Pet’s Appearance

Fashion is for, literally for everyone! It is not just a bubble sphere that includes the human kind, but rather a thing that touches every living and non- living Earth habitant.

Cocktails – The inevitable mark of summer! Here are the recipes of the 10 most famous cocktails in the world

What are the 3 most famous things the summer is known for? Yeah, you guessed right, it is the high temperatures, sandy beaches and cool cocktails of course.

Breathtaking Beach Wedding Ceremony Settings

Embrace yourself – the most busy weddings season is almost here. The Summer wedding season! And this means only, and one thing only – breathtaking beach wedding ceremonies with amazing landscapes as a background.

Prepare Your Garden For The Upcoming Period. 10 Ideas For Beautiful Gardens

As the summer approaches, I am sure you will find yourself spending more and more time outside your home than inside.

Fairytale Wedding Cake For a Fairytale Wedding! A Dream Come True For Every Bride To Be

No matter if “once upon a time” or “very recently”, every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, with her prince Charming standing next to her, the wedding place is magical and the cake is of course the top of the cherry – a truly fairytale worthy cake, big enough to feed 3 villages.

10 Amazing DIY Kids Birthday Decorations

The children birthday party is probably the biggest event in the year. Its organization takes a lot of time, patience and of course money, but no parent regrets it.

The Best Ideas For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom Into A Functional And Spacious Place

No matters the size , remodeling some space in the home is alway a big project. And when the room to be remodeled is small and tiny such as the bathroom, the problem is even bigger.

World’s Top 10 Outrageously Luxurious Summer Destinations

There are truly many fantastic places you can visit around the globe. Just picture the breeze is in your hair, a drink is in your hand, and the sand is between your toes.

25+ Amazing DIY Ideas On How To Decorate The Easter Eggs This Year

Yes, the time has come to gather the eggs and think about how to decorate them these Easter. And heaving in mind that the choice is limitless, it makes it that much harder to decide on the topic, on the texture, on the colors… The traditional way of dyeing is always good, but this Easter, try and take your eggs one step further with new different decorating techniques that will make those eggs to really stand out.

Invite The Lemon To Your Spring Wedding! 15+ Great Ideas On How The Lemon Can Refresh And Embellish Your Wedding

The trick is that if you choose colors for your weddings that are also fruits, that means that you can also include the fruits into your wedding decorations.

10 must-see breathtaking festivals around the world

The world is full of fun and unique places to visit and events to participate. The combination of festival that we have prepared for you is the proof for that.

Get on top of the world! Explore Their Majesty – the 10 highest mountains on Earth

There is nothing more imposing than the view to the highest peaks in the world. Their grace is breathtaking.

Tips on How to Turn Woodworking From Hobby Into a Career

IMAGE: The smell of sawdust, live wood, glue, and the occasional burned piece of wood linger in the shop out in the garage.

10 Must-Visit Blossomy Urban Spring Destinations

The cold and colorless winter is over which means that it is time to dust- off your traveling boots and hit the road.

10 Easy Jolly Spring DIY Decorating Ideas

The spring summer is blossoming the air once again. There is definitely time to start thinking about your next spring home decoration.

Train Travels Right Through The Centre Of a 19-Storey Block of Flats in China’s ‘Mountain City’

Could you make a decision to buy your home near the train station? We are pretty sure that Living near the local train station is a big deal breaker for many that want to buy a home, but what will be your reaction if the train passes right next to your front door?

12 People Who Follow The Rules Literally And Still Beat The System

Nowadays is really tempting to show a revolt against the system, and it’s barely hard to do the things on your own.