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Filmmakers Behind Documentary ‘Salam Neighbor’ Discuss Syrian Refugee Crisis in Reddit AMA - "Every single one of the 85,000 refugees in Za’atari camp have a story that will break your heart but will also fill it with hope."

“You can create a film,” director Chris Temple shares at MCON 2016 in Washington, D.C., “but if it doesn’t actually inspire any change or drive any action, what’s the point?

Redditors Photoshop LeBron James Clutching His Trophy - King James, ruler of the waterworks.

Even kings cry. After the Cleveland Cavaliers (Bay Area residents, spoilers ahead!) won the NBA Championship, redditor _korbendallas_ shared this photo of James—triumphantly (and tearfully) holding onto his trophy—with Reddit’s Photoshop Battles community: Reddit user _korbendallas_ If you’re not familiar with Photoshop Battles, here’s how they work: A random photo is presented.

Redditors Share Their “Neighbors From Hell” Stories - Next-door neighbor? More like next-door nightmare.

It’s a horrible day in the neighborhood. In a quest to get crowd-sourced proof of the ol’ proverb that “good fences make good neighbors,” redditor ahem17 posed this question to the Ask Reddit community: “Redditors who have had ‘neighbors from hell,’ what happened?

These Scientific Studies Were Deemed Silly or Obscure, But Led to Major Breakthroughs - And they all won Golden Goose awards.

In a segment of the Fox News program Huckabee, the former GOP presidential candidate rails off on how a scientific study that watches how shrimp function on treadmills is “not the only stupid thing that my tax dollar pays for, but it may be the most outrageous.” “I don’t want my shrimp going to the gym,” he says.

Frustrated Players in Rural Areas Petition For More ‘Pokémon GO’ Portals Near Them - "What's worse than server issues with Pokémon Go? Logging in for the first time and seeing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING."

Too many Pokémon, not enough waking hours to catch them all. That seems to be the crisis for many of the 7.5 million people (in the US alone!

Redditors Answer: What Can Make Your Life More Luxurious Without Costing a Lot of Money? - Fresh flowers, curved shower curtain rods and memory foam mattress toppers.

So you may not be able to have a private island, underwater plane and Kenyan Safari camp like Sir Richard Branson, but for a little bit of extra change, you can have some really comfortable underwear, a luxury that makes Reddit user BagOfBoots feel “like my little buddy is being hugged by a cloud.” It doesn’t take a ton of cash to add richness to your days, as redditors revealed in an AskReddit thread that posed the question, “What is something that can make your life more luxurious but doesn’t cost a lot of money?

SkullStore Founder Ben Lovatt: “I Sell Dead People” - "If you've ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at a body processing plant, a museum, or the strange world of oddities now is your chance!"

He puts the “museum” in mausoleum. His exhibits look like exhumations. And by his own admission, he sells dead people!

Why 5-Year-Olds Can—And Should—Learn Calculus - Math educator Maria Droujkova believes we need a fundamentally change the way kids learn math in order to avoid a lifetime of math scars.

Maria Droujkova often begins her talks with an apology. She tells parents, educators and all those who’ve deemed themselves number-challenged that she’s sorry if they’ve been hurt by “meaningless math.” People tell her about their math scars.

Sanders-Endorsed Challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schultz Explains Why Dems Need a New DNC Chair in Reddit AMA - Tim Canova: "She deserves ridicule for ducking debates."

“What should be done at the DNC?” Nova Southeastern University law professor Tim Canova asks this rhetorical question in his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), before outlining what he’d like to see from his party if his congressional campaign is successful.

Redditor Converts Rusty Cargo Van Into Summer-Ready ‘Adventuremobile’ - Vantastic.

A redditor who aptly goes by VAN_Wilder began this year with a van—and a plan. The twenty-something from California bought a 2006 Ford E250 off Craigslist.

Viral Video Exposes Online Ticket Scalpers Behind Increasingly “Sold-Out” Concerts - "Scalping just to resell is not entrepreneurial—it's just plain being greedy."

Sick of looking up concerts online only to find they’re (supposedly) “sold out”? After one YouTuber visited Ticketmaster on an ill-fated quest to find seats for a Twenty One Pilots gig, he decided to document the Sisyphean task of finding regularly priced tickets online for, well, pretty much any upcoming show featuring a mainstream artist.

Little Known Fact: You Can Buy Plan B on Amazon - Click your way to preventing unwanted offspring.

While adding laundry detergent and new tires to their shopping carts, women and their partners can also click their way to preventing unwanted offspring.

‘Veep’ and ‘Arrested Development’ Star Tony Hale Takes Redditors Behind-the-Scenes in AMA - "There have been times when ... I feel I've morphed into Buster."

Heyyyy, Reddit… Tony Hale—the Emmy-winning actor best known for playing Buster Bluth in Arrested Development and Gary Walsh in VEEP—seems perfectly happy to embrace his tendency to play endearingly neurotic characters.

What Books Changed Your Life as an Adult? - Redditors share the books that rocked their worlds, from The Death of Ivan Ilych to The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

What books changed your life as an adult? Reddit user medioxcore asked the question in Reddit’s Books community, writing, “Any time I see “books that changed your life” threads, the comments always read like a high school mandatory reading list.

“300-Pound Vegan” David Carter Shares Meat-Free Tips on Beefing Up - "I am an in-your-face example that you don't have to take a life to gain muscle. "

The words “vegan” and “NFL player” don’t often appear in the same sentence, but defensive end David Carter is proving just how compatible the vegan diet can be with maintaining a (non-kicker) pro-football physique.

The Weird and Wild Tales of a Plastic Surgeon - In an enlightening AMA, Dr. Tony Youn talks about leech therapy, using liposuctioned fat to (allegedly) power a car and patients who wish for wings.

As bodies droop, jiggle, fold, wrinkle and deflate, Dr. Tony Youn is there. He’s a plastic surgeon—and a busy one, the reconstructor of more than 5,000 parts, from protruding ears to curve-less derrieres.

‘I Have No Idea What I Won. Do I Have a Position to Do Something?’: Redditor Wins NJ Election By Writing Himself In - "So you have no idea what's going on? Sounds like you will be well suited for politics!"

With all the noise of the presidential election, it easy to forget there are countless government seats other than POTUS to fill.

SPOILERS: Is Robert Baratheon’s Curse On the Stark Household Over? - A redditor investigates.

[We know you’re not reading this if you haven’t caught up on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, right?

Redditors Recall the Worst Advice They’ve Ever Received - "Nothing bad can happen if you hook the jumper cables to the wrong posts."

Apathetic college grads, beware: You can do a lot worse than “Follow your bliss.” Perhaps as a rebuttal to the past month full of commencement speeches, valedictorians’ manifestos on optimism, and well-intentioned greeting cards telling cap and gown-clad youths that they can “be anything,” redditor orange_lazarus1 invited the Ask Reddit community to answer this simple question—just in time for graduation season: “What’s the worst advice you have ever received?

The Internet’s Favorite Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee Talks Zits, Cysts, and Viral Fame in Reddit AMA - "I never imagined that this many people would be so interested in what I do ... but I do enjoy 'feeding the fire.'"

Dr. Sandra Lee puts the “pop” in popular. On Saturday, the dermatologist better known by her social media handle “Dr.